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What is Windows ?

Answer : Windows is a family of client, server, and mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft. Use this tag only if your question relates to using Windows APIs or Windows-specific behavior. Questions relating to using or troubleshooting Windows are off-topic.

Questions : 1 :: How can you find and replace text in a file using the Windows command-line environment?

If you are on Windows version that supports .Net 2.0, I would replace your shell. PowerShell gives you the full power of .Net from the command line. There are many commandlets built in as well. The...View answers

Questions : 2 :: How to install pip on Windows?

Official instructionsPer, being careful to save it as a .py file rather than .txt. Then, run it from the command...View answers

Questions : 3 :: How to add to the pythonpath in windows 7?

My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > Then under system variables I create a new Variable called PythonPath. In this variable I have...View answers

Questions : 4 :: How does the Windows Command Interpreter (CMD.EXE) parse scripts?

When invoking a command from a command window, tokenization of the command line arguments is not done by cmd.exe (a.k.a. "the shell"). Most often the tokenization is done by the newly formed...View answers

Questions : 5 :: How to detect Windows 64-bit platform with .NET?

IntPtr.Size won't return the correct value if running in 32-bit .NET Framework 2.0 on 64-bit Windows (it would return 32-bit).As Microsoft's Raymond Chen describes, you have to first check if...View answers

Questions : 6 :: what is Elevating process privilege programatically?

You can indicate the new process should be started with elevated permissions by setting the Verb property of your startInfo object to 'runas', as follows: startInfo.Verb="runas"; This will...View answers

Questions : 7 :: What is the Windows version of cron?

The Windows "AT" command is very similar to cron. It is available through the command line

Questions : 8 :: Is there an equivalent of 'which' on the Windows command line?

Windows Server 2003 and later provide the where.exe program which does some of what which does, though it matches all types of files, not just executable commands. (It does not match built-in shell...View answers

Questions : 9 :: how do I create my own URL protocol? (e.g. so://)

The portion with the HTTP://,FTP://, etc are called URI Schemes You can register your own through the registry. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/ your-protocol-name/ (Default)...View answers

Questions : 10 :: What's the best Free C++ Profiler for Windows?

AMD CodeXL has now superceded the End Of Line'd AMD Code Analyst and both are free, but not as advanced as VTune. There's also Sleepy, which is very simple, but does the job in many...View answers

Questions : 11 :: How to get current datetime on Windows command line, in a suitable format for using in a filename?

See Windows Batch File (.bat) to get current date in MMDDYYYY format.: @echo off For /f "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('date /t') do (set mydate=%%c-%%a-%%b) For /f "tokens=1-2...View answers

Questions : 12 :: How to use Query Performance Counter?

#include<windows.h>doublePCFreq=0.0; __int64 CounterStart=0;voidStartCounter(){ LARGE_INTEGER li;if(!QueryPerformanceFrequency(&li)) cout <<"QueryPerformanceFrequency...View answers

Questions : 13 :: Is it possible to run a Python script as a service in Windows? If possible, how?

Yes you can. I do it using the pythoncom libraries that come included with ActivePython or can be installed with pywin32 (Python for Windows extensions). This is a basic skeleton for a simple...View answers

Questions : 14 :: How to make thread sleep less than a millisecond on Windows?

On Windows the use of select forces you to include the Winsock library which has to be initialized like this in your application: WORD wVersionRequested = MAKEWORD(1,0); WSADATA...View answers

Questions : 15 :: How to set up an editor to work with Git on Windows?

I prefer to not have to set an EDITOR variable, so I tried: git config --global core.editor ""c:Program FilesNotepad++notepad++.exe""# or git config --global core.editor...View answers

Questions : 16 :: What is the bit size of long on 64-bit Windows?

In the Unix world, there were a few possible arrangements for the sizes of integers and pointers for 64-bit platforms. The two mostly widely used were ILP64 (actually, only a very few examples of...View answers

Questions : 17 :: How to test a windows dll to determine if it is 32bit or 64bit? [duplicate]

A DLL uses the PE executable format, and it's not too tricky to read that information out of the file. See this MSDN article on the PE File Format for an overview. You need to read the MS-DOS...View answers

Questions : 18 :: What is the closest thing windows has to fork()?

Cygwin has fully featured fork() on Windows. Thus if using Cygwin is acceptable for you, then the problem is solved in the case performance is not an issue.Otherwise you can take a look at how Cygwin...View answers

Questions : 19 :: What are good grep tools for Windows? [closed]

PowerGREP is awesome. Some of  the features are: Right-click on a folder to run PowerGREP on it Use regular expressions or literal text Specify wildcards for files to include &...View answers

Questions : 20 :: How to keep a Python script output window open?

Run the program from an already-open terminal. Open a command prompt and type: python For that to work you need the python executable in your path. Just check on how to edit...View answers

Questions : 21 :: How can a windows service programmatically restart itself?

Set the service to restart after failure (double click the service in the control panel and have a look around on those tabs - I forget the name of it). Then, anytime you want the service to restart,...View answers

Questions : 22 :: How to bring a window to the front?

A possible solution is: java.awt.EventQueue.invokeLater(newRunnable(){@Overridepublicvoid run(){ myFrame.toFront();...View answers

Questions : 23 :: What is the best way to take screenshots of a Window with C++ in Windows?

You have to get the device context of the window (GetWindowDC()) and copy image (BitBlt()) from it. Depending on what else you know about the application you will use different methods to find which...View answers

Questions : 24 :: How to do a true Java ping from Windows?

isReachable() will use ICMP ECHO REQUESTs if the privilege can be obtained, otherwise it will try to establish a TCP connection on port 7 (Echo) of the destination host. Thus your problem is...View answers

Questions : 25 :: Can Windows' built-in ZIP compression be scripted?

There are VBA methods to zip and unzip using the windows built in compression as well, which should give some insight as to how the system operates. You may be able to build these methods into a...View answers

Questions : 26 :: How to compare strings in Java?

== tests for reference equality. .equals() tests for value equality. Consequently, if you actually want to test whether two strings have the same value you should use .equals(). There are however...View answers

Questions : 27 :: How to split a string so that can access item x?

U can use this simple logic - Declare@products varchar(200)='1|20|3|343|44|6|8765'Declare@individual varchar(20)=nullWHILE LEN(@products)>0BEGINIF...View answers

Questions : 28 :: How to split a string in Java?

Just use the appropriate method: String#split(). String string ="004-034556";String[] parts = string.split("-");String part1 = parts[0];// 004String part2 = parts[1];// 034556 Note that this...View answers

Questions : 29 :: How to Create multiline strings in JavaScript?

Javascript doesn't have a here-document syntax. You can escape the literal newline, however, which comes close: "foo...View answers

Questions : 30 :: How to tokenize a string in C++?

Your simple case can easily be built using the std::string::find method. However, take a look at Boost.Tokenizer. It's great. Boost generally has some very cool string...View answers

Questions : 31 :: What's the difference between String and string?

string is an alias for System.String. So technically, there is no difference. It's like int vs. System.Int32. As far as guidelines, I think it's generally recommended to use string any time...View answers

Questions : 32 :: How can we check if one string contains another substring?

indexOf returns the position of the string in the other string. If not found, it will return -1: var s ="foo";...View answers

Questions : 33 :: Why does comparing strings in Python using either '==' or 'is' sometimes produce a different result?

is is identity testing, == is equality testing. what happens in your code would be emulated in the interpreter like this: >>> a ='pub'>>> b...View answers
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