Header Function use in PHP and HTTP


There are various use of HEADER Function in PHP and HTTP like URL redirect , refresh, 301 redirection permanently etc so here PCDs provide questions and answers with example on all type of header function used in PHP

Top header function interview questions and answers

Questions : 1 Can we include header fuction in between HTML output of php page
Answers : 1 No, We can't use header function in between any out put because it generate error if any out put like any content, white space, line , any tag like < html > etc send before header function so we must use header function befor any Out Put Send.
Questions : 2 How we can redirect a page to other page or site using php header
Answers : 2 We can use header function like below to redirect
header('Location: http://www.pcds.co.in/');
at place of pcds.co.in we can write any site name or any internal page like
header('Location: blog.php');
and must there should not any space between Location and :
and http status code of this redirection is 302
Questions : 3 How we can do permanent redirect 301 a page to other page or site using php header
Answer : 3 by below code we can do permanent redirect 301
header("Location: /blog.php",TRUE,301);
OR header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently');
header('Location: http://www.pcds.co.in/');
Questions : 4 How we can sent HTTP status using header funcion
Answer : 4 we can send HTTP status by below type of code
header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");

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