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Top Android interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced

What is Android ?

Answer : Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Questions : 1 :: What are the advantages of Android?

The following are the advantages of Android: 1. The customer will be benefited from wide range of mobile applications to choose, since the monopoly of wireless carriers like AT&T and Orange will...View answers

Questions : 2 :: What is the architecture of android

Top -> Applications (Contacts, Browser, Phone, etc) Below Applications -> Application Framework(Activity Manager, Window Manager, Content Providers, View System, Package manager, Telephony...View answers

Questions : 3 :: What is .dex extension in android?

Android programs are compiled into .dex (Dalvik Executable) files, which are in turn zipped into a single .apk file on the device. .dex files can be created by automatically translating compiled...View answers

Questions : 4 :: What features does android have?

1 .Navigate by section, topic or contributor. 2. Download your homepage and favourites for offline reading with the touch of a button, or schedule a daily download for a time that suits you. 3....View answers

Questions : 5 :: What is included in Mono for Android?

Mono for Android consists of the core Mono runtime, the Mono for Android bindings to the native Android APIs, a Visual Studio 2010 plugin to develop Android applications and an SDK that contains the...View answers

Questions : 6 :: Where is the UI Designer in android?

Mono for Android does not bundle a UI designer to create the UI XML files We do not provide an integrated UI designer in Mono for Android 1.0. No decisions past that have been made. We will be...View answers

Questions : 7 :: Why cannot you run standard Java bytecode on Android

Android uses Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) which requires a special bytecode. We need to convert Java class files into Dalvik Executable files using an Android tool called "dx". In normal...View answers

Questions : 8 :: How to install your App in android?

You can install our App from the Android Market by following the below steps:Open the Android Market application in the Applications menu.Hit the search icon and type in E.ONTo install it, hit the...View answers

Questions : 9 :: Why do we use gridlayout in android

LinearLayout and RelativeLayout are the most common layouts used in user interface design in Android. For simple user interfaces they are a good choice but when the user interface gets complicated,...View answers

Questions : 10 :: What Does Android Run On ?

The first Android mobile handset, the T-Mobile G1, was released in the US in October 2008 and in the UK in November 2008. The Open Handset Alliance has further committed to deploying additional...View answers

Questions : 11 :: What is a android service?

A service doesn’t have a visual user interface, but rather runs in the background for an indefinite period of time. For example, a service might play background music as the user attends to...View answers

Questions : 12 :: What are Native Android Actions?

Native Android applications also use Intents to launch Activities and sub Activities ACTION-ANSWER Opens an Activity that handles immediately initiates a call using the number supplied in the Intent...View answers

Questions : 13 :: What is android stickey intent?

Perform a sendBroadcast(Intent) that is "sticky," meaning the Intent you are sending stays around after the broadcast is complete, so that others can quickly retrieve that data through the...View answers

Questions : 14 :: How to download the android GoToMeeting app?

You can download the GoToMeetng app from the Android Market by signing in to your Google account linked with your Android device and searching for the GoToMeeting app to install it. If you...View answers

Questions : 15 :: Can we deploy executable JARs on Android? Which packaging is supported by Android?

No. Android platform does not support JAR deployments. Applications are packed into Android Package (.apk) using Android Asset Packaging Tool (aapt) and then deployed on to Android platform. Google...View answers

Questions : 16 :: What's so special about Android?

Unlike the proprietary iPhone operating system (now known as "iOS,"), which is under the complete control of Apple — and the same goes for Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS or...View answers

Questions : 17 :: What are the upsides of Android phone over an iPhone?

Well, for a variety of reasons — although I should point out that I’m actually a fan of both operating systems. (Sorry to disappoint the smartphone flame warriors out there.) One reason...View answers

Questions : 18 :: What dialog boxes are supported in Android ?

Android supports 4 dialog boxes:1. AlertDialog: An alert dialog box supports 0 to 3 buttons and a list of selectable elements, including check boxes and radio buttons. Among the other dialog boxes,...View answers

Questions : 19 :: What to do if problem occurs in downloading your App in android?

If you receive a "Download unsuccessful" message when trying to download our App you can try the following steps: Restart your phone and then try downloading the app again. Make sure that...View answers

Questions : 20 :: Why did we open the Android source code? What is the Guardian app for Android?

Google started the Android project in response to our own experiences launching mobile apps. We wanted to make sure that there would always be an open platform available for carriers, OEMs, and...View answers

Questions : 21 :: What is meaning of Android Word?

it means a robot with a human appearance.

Questions : 22 :: What is Android?

an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablet computers.

Questions : 23 :: Inventors of android ?

Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears

Questions : 24 :: Android versions history and there name?

Code nameVersionAPI level Lollipop 5.0 API level 21 KitKat 4.4 - 4.4.4 API level 19 Jelly Bean 4.3.x API level 18 Jelly Bean 4.2.x API level 17 Jelly...View answers

Questions : 25 :: Features of Android OS?

Most of us are aware of features like Live wallpaper Camera Messaging Bluetooth WIFI Web Browsing Music Alarm etc. etc….

Questions : 26 :: Advance Features of Android OS?

Google now (voice assistant) NFC (Near Field Communication) Unlock your phone by your face Use your phone with joystick to enjoy gaming experience Connect your phone with LED TV via MHL or micro HDMI...View answers

Questions : 27 :: Tools Required for Developing Android Apps?

JDK Eclipse + ADT plugin SDK Tools.

Questions : 28 :: ADT stand for?

Android Developer Tools

Questions : 29 :: SDK stand for ?

Software Development Kit

Questions : 30 :: Advantages of android?

Open-source Platform-independent Supports various technologies (having number of native application like: camera, bluetooth, wifi, speech, EDGE)

Questions : 31 :: Language Know to develop android apps?

Java XML

Questions : 32 :: Android application main components are?

ComponentsDescription Activities They dictate the UI and handle the user interaction to the smartphone screen Services They handle background processing associated with an...View answers

Questions : 33 :: What is Activities?

An activity is a single, focused thing that the user can do. when ever user click on GUI the next Activity will be start and new GUI set base on coding.

Questions : 34 :: What is Intent?

An Intent is exactly what it describes. It's an "intention" to do an action. An Intent is basically a message to say you did or want something to happen. Depending on the intent, apps or the OS...View answers

Questions : 35 :: How to Start Another Activity?

Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), Activity2.class); startActivity(i); Note: you need to past this code on onClick method.

Questions : 36 :: Explain Folder, File & Description of Android Apps?

src: This contains the .java source files for your project. gen: contains the .R file, a compiler-generated file that references all the resources found in your project. You should not modify this...View answers

Questions : 37 :: What is AVD?

AVD Stand for Android Virtual Device (emulator), The Android SDK includes a mobile device emulator - a virtual mobile device that runs on your computer.

Questions : 38 :: Explain AndroidManifest.xmlfile in detail.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><manifest xmlns:android="" package="com.example.careerride" android:versionCode="1"...View answers

Questions : 39 :: Describe android Activities in brief.

Activity provides the user interface. When you create an android application in eclipse through the wizard it asks you the name of the activity. Default name is MainActivity. You can provide any name...View answers

Questions : 40 :: Describe Intents in detail.

An Android application can contain zero or more activities. If you want to navigate fromone activity to another then android provides you Intent class. This class is available...View answers

Questions : 41 :: How to send SMS in android? Explain with example.

SMS messaging is one of the basic and important applications on a mobile phone. Now days every mobile phone has SMS messaging capabilities, and nearly all users of any age know how to send and...View answers

Questions : 42 :: Describe the SmsManager class in android.

SmsManager class is responsible for sending SMS from one emulator to another or device. You cannot directly instantiate this class; instead, you call the getDefault() static method to obtain an...View answers

Questions : 43 :: How you can use built-in Messaging within your application?

You can use an Intent object to activate the built-in Messaging service. You have to pass MIME type “”, in setType method of Intent as shown in the following given...View answers

Questions : 44 :: Describe SharedPreference storage option with example.

SharedPreference is the simplest mechanism to store the data in android. You do not worry about creating the file or using files API.It stores the data in XML files. SharedPreference stores the data...View answers

Questions : 45 :: What are the key components of Android Architecture?

Android Architecture consists of 4 key components:- Linux Kernel- Libraries- Android Framework- Android Applications

Questions : 46 :: What are the advantages of having an emulator within the Android environment?

The emulator allows the developers to work around an interface which acts as if it were an actual mobile device.- They can write, test and debug the code.- They are safe for testing the code in early...View answers

Questions : 47 :: Tell us something about activityCreator?

An activityCreator is the initial step for creation of a new Android project.- It consists of a shell script that is used to create new file system structure required for writing codes in Android...View answers

Questions : 48 :: What do you know about Intents?

- Notification messages to the user from an Android enabled device can be displayed using Intents. The users can respond to intents. - There are two types of Intents - Explicit Intent, Implicit...View answers

Questions : 49 :: What is an Explicit Intent?

Explicit intent specifies the particular activity that should respond to the intent. - They are used for application internal messages.

Questions : 50 :: What is an Implicit Intent?

In case of Implicit Intent, an intent is just declared. - It is for the platform to find an activity that can respond to it.- Since the target component is not declared, it is used for activating...View answers

Questions : 51 :: What do intent filters do?

There can be more than one intents, depending on the services and activities that are going to use them. - Each component needs to tell which intents they want to respond to. - Intent filters filter...View answers

Questions : 52 :: Where are lay out details placed? Why?

Layout details are placed in XML files- XML-based layouts provide a consistent and standard means of setting GUI definition format.

Questions : 53 :: What do containers hold?

Containers hold objects and widgets in a specified arrangement. - They can also hold labels, fields, buttons, or child containers. .

Questions : 54 :: What is Orientation?

Orientation decides if the LinearLayout should be presented in row wise or column wise fashion. - The values are set using setOrientation()- The values can be HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL

Questions : 55 :: What is it important to set permissions in app development?

Certain restrictions to protect data and code can be set using permissions. - In absence of these permissions, codes could get compromised causing defects in functionality.

Questions : 56 :: What is AIDL?

- AIDL is the abbreviation for Android Interface Definition Language. - It handles the interface requirements between a client and a service to communicate at the same level through interprocess...View answers

Questions : 57 :: Tell us something about nine-patch image.

The Nine-patch in the image name refers to the way the image can be resized: 4 corners that are unscaled, 4 edges that are scaled in 1 axis, and the middle one that can be scaled into both axes.- A...View answers

Questions : 58 :: Which dialog boxes are supported by android?

Android supports 4 dialog boxes:a.) AlertDialog: Alert dialog box supports 0 to 3 buttons and a list of selectable elements which includes check boxes and radio buttons. b.) ProgressDialog: This...View answers

Questions : 59 :: What is Dalvik Virtual Machine?

It is Android's virtual machine. - It is an interpreter-only virtual machine which executes files in Dalvik Executable (.dex) format. This format is optimized for efficient storage and...View answers

Questions : 60 :: What is the manifest file and how is it used?

Every Android app must have this manifest file in its root directory named ‘AndroidManifest.xml’. The file includes critical information about the app, including the Java package name for...View answers

Questions : 61 :: Bonus follow up question: What is the first element in the AndroidManifest file, right after the encoding declaration?

‘manifest’ Note: The ‘permissions’ element is the next best answer if the developer assumed you meant the first element within the ‘manifest’ structure.

Questions : 62 :: Name 4 ways Android allows you to store data?

Any of the following 5 possible options are acceptable: 1.SharedPreferences 2.Internal Storage 3.External Storage 4.SQLite Database 5.Network connection

Questions : 63 :: What items or folders are important in every Android project?

The developer should name at least 4 of these 6 items below, as these are essential within each Android project: 1. AndroidManifest.xml 2. build.xml 3. bin/ 4. src/ 5. res/ 6....View answers

Questions : 64 :: What is ANR?

ANR stands for “Application Not Responding”. It’s a dialog box that appears when an application doesn’t respond for more than 10 seconds (sometimes it can be less than 10...View answers

Questions : 65 :: How do you avoid an ANR?

A follow-up to the previous question, there are a number of possible answers here. What you want to hear is that you want as little work done as possible on the main thread, also known as the...View answers

Questions : 66 :: What are containers?

Containers holds objects and widgets together, depending on which items are needed and in what arrangement they need to be in. Containers may hold labels, fields, buttons, or even child containers,...View answers

Questions : 67 :: What did you like better, Ice Cream Sandwich or KitKat?

These are code names for Android releases, and are well known throughout the Android community. Your developer should be familiar with them. Ice Cream Sandwich was Android version 4.0 (API level 14)...View answers

Questions : 68 :: What are App Widgets?

Also referred to simply as Widgets, App Widgets in the Android world are miniature views that are embedded within Android apps and typically display periodic updates. Music players, weather updates,...View answers

Questions : 69 :: hat data types does AIDL support?

AIDL supports charSequence, list, map, string, and all types of native java data types.

Questions : 70 :: What information do you need before you begin coding an Android app for a client?

You want to find out that this person will seek to truly understand what you are trying to accomplish with your app, and the functionality. The following items are good to hear: Objective...View answers

Questions : 71 :: Explain .apk extension.

The .apk extension files are common in Android development. It refers to a file type having compressed information of application code, resource files and AndroidManifest.xml file. APK stands for...View answers

Questions : 72 :: What is the Open Handset Alliance?

The OHA is a group of 84 technology and mobile companies including Google, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Dell, Intel, Nvidia and many morewho strive to accelerate innovation in mobile technology and offers the...View answers

Questions : 73 :: What are the primary components used in Android architecture?

The architecture of Android is designed considering four essential components: Linux Kernel, Set of libraries, Android Framework and Android Applications.

Questions : 74 :: What do you know about AIDL?

AIDL stands for Android Interface Definition Language. It offers to define the client’s interface requirements and moreover a service in order to communicate at same level with the help of...View answers

Questions : 75 :: What is referred to Explicit and Implicit Intent?

The role of explicit intent is to specify an activity to respond to intent. Implicit intent on the other hand is declaration of intent. Explicit intent is used for internal messages of an application...View answers

Questions : 76 :: What is the role of Orientation?

Orientation is used to determine the presentation of LinearLayout. It may be presented in rows or columns

Questions : 77 :: List the data types supported in AIDL?

AIDL supports string, list, map, charSequence and all type of native java type data types.

Questions : 78 :: What method does Android follow to track applications?

It is done by assigning each application with a unique ID (referred as Linux User ID). The question and answer section above is meant for a newbie to an experienced developer. Moreover these...View answers

Questions : 79 :: Does Android support the Bluetooth serial port profile?


Questions : 80 :: Can an application be started on powerup?


Questions : 81 :: How to Remove Desktop icons and Widgets

Press and Hold the icon or widget. The phone will vibrate and on the bottom of the phone you will see anoption to remove. While still holding the icon or widget drag it to the remove button. Once...View answers

Questions : 82 :: Describe a real time scenario where android can be used?

magine a situation that you are in a country where no one understands the language you speak and you can not read or write. However, you have mobile phone with you. With a mobile phone with android,...View answers

Questions : 83 :: How to select more than one option from list in android xml file? Give an example.

Specify android id, layout height and width as depicted in the following example.

Questions : 84 :: What languages does Android support for application development?

Android applications are written using the Java programming...View answers

Questions : 85 :: Describe Android Application Architecture.

Android Application Architecture has the following components:   • Services – like Network Operation • Intent – To perform inter-communication between activities or...View answers

Questions : 86 :: What is the Android Open Source Project?

We use the phrase “Android Open Source Project” or “AOSP” to refer to the people, the processes, and the source code that make up Android.   The people oversee the...View answers

Questions : 87 :: Why did we open the Android source code?

Google started the Android project in response to our own experiences launching mobile apps. We wanted to make sure that there would always be an open platform available for carriers, OEMs, and...View answers

Questions : 88 :: What kind of open-source project is Android?

Google oversees the development of the core Android open-source platform, and works to create robust developer and user communities. For the most part the Android source code is licensed under the...View answers

Questions : 89 :: Explain about the exceptions of Android?

The following are the exceptions that are supported by Android  InflateException : When an error conditions are occurred, this exception is thrown Surface.OutOfResourceException: When a...View answers

Questions : 90 :: Describe the APK format.

.The APK file is compressed the AndroidManifest.xml file, application code (.dex files), resource files, and other files. A project is compiled into a single .apk file....View answers

Questions : 91 :: What is .apk extension?

.The extension for an Android package file, which typically contains all of the files related to a single Android application. The file itself is a compressed collection of an AndroidManifest.xml...View answers

Questions : 92 :: What is .dex extension?

Android programs are compiled into .dex (Dalvik Executable) files, which are in turn zipped into a single .apk file on the device. .dex files can be created by automatically translating compiled...View answers

Questions : 93 :: Explain the Architecture of Android ?

Top -> Applications (Contacts, Browser, Phone, etc) Below Applications -> Application Framework(Activity Manager, Window Manager, Content Providers, ViewSystem, Package manager, Telephony...View answers

Questions : 94 :: What is a service?

A service doesn’t have a visual user interface, but rather runs in the background for an indefinite period of time.For example, a service might play background music as the user attends to...View answers

Questions : 95 :: How to select more than one option from list in android xml file?

Give an example. Specify android id, layout height and width as depicted in the following example.
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