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Top Wcf interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced

What is Wcf ?

Answer :

Questions : 1 :: What is WCF?

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is an SDK for developing and deploying services on Windows. WCF provides a runtime environment for services, enabling you to expose CLR types as services, and...View answers

Questions : 2 :: What is the difference between WCF and ASMX Web Services?

Simple and basic difference is that ASMX or ASP.NET web service is designed to send and receive messages using SOAP over HTTP only. While WCF can exchange messages using any format (SOAP is default)...View answers

Questions : 3 :: What is service ?

A service is a unit of functionality exposed to the world. Service orientation (SO) is an abstract set of principles and best practices for building service-oriented applications.

Questions : 4 :: What do you mean by client ?

The client of a service is the program unit consuming its functionality. The client can be literally anything—for instance, Console application, Windows Forms, WPF, or Silverlight class,...View answers

Questions : 5 :: What are the transport schemes supported by WCF ? Give example of address for each scheme.

Following are the transport schemes supported by WCF:    HTTP/HTTPS - http://localhost:8001/MyService    TCP - net.tcp://localhost:8002/MyService    IPC -...View answers

Questions : 6 :: What is Contract ? What are the types of Contract ?

It is the agreement between client and service which specifies:    [ServiceContract] - which services are exposed to the client.    [OperationContract] - which...View answers

Questions : 7 :: What is the difference between Web Service and WCF Service ?

A Web Service is programmable application logic accessible via standard Web protocols. One of these Web protocols is the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP is a W3C submitted note (as of May...View answers

Questions : 8 :: How can we host WCF service ?

Every WCF service needs to be hosted in a windows process called the host process. A single host process can host multiple services, and the same service type can be hosted in multiple host...View answers

Questions : 9 :: How do you choose the hosting for WCF internet service ?

...View answers

Questions : 10 :: What are the protocols supported by WCF hosting environment ? What are their advantages and disadvantages ?

WCF support multiple ways in which you can host your WCF service. Hosting Environment    Supported protocolIIS6    http, wshttpsIIS7 – WAS (Windows Process...View answers

Questions : 11 :: What is ABC in WCF ?

Endpoint = Address (A) + Binding (B) + Contract (C) Address specifies where the services is hosted. Binding specifies how to access the hosted service. It specifies the transport, encoding,...View answers

Questions : 12 :: Can you explain Address in detail ?

It is the url which specifies the location of the service. Client can use this url to connect to the service and invoke the service methods. Eg:...View answers

Questions : 13 :: What are WCF Service Endpoints? Explain.

For Windows Communication Foundation services to be consumed, it’s necessary that it must be exposed; Clients need information about service to communicate with it. This is where service...View answers

Questions : 14 :: What are the possible ways of hosting a WCF service? Explain.

For a Windows Communication Foundationservice to host, we need at least a managed process, a ServiceHost instance and an Endpoint configured. Possible approaches for hosting a service are: Hosting...View answers

Questions : 15 :: How we can achieve Operation Overloading while exposing WCF Services?

By default, WSDL doesn’t support operation overloading. Overloading behavior can be achieved by using “Name” property of OperationContract attribute.  [ServiceContract]...View answers

Questions : 16 :: What Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) supported by WCF? Explain each of them briefly.

Request/Response One Way Duplex Request/Response It’s the default pattern. In this pattern, a response message will always be generated to consumer when the operation is called, even...View answers

Questions : 17 :: What is DataContractSerializer and How its different from XmlSerializer?

Serialization is the process of converting an object instance to a portable and transferable format. So, whenever we are talking about web services, serialization is very important. Windows...View answers

Questions : 18 :: How we can use MessageContract partially with DataContract for a service operation in WCF?

MessageContract must be used all or none. If we are using MessageContract into an operation signature, then we must use MessageContract as the only parameter type and as the return type of the...View answers

Questions : 19 :: Which standard binding could be used for a service that was designed to replace an existing ASMX web service?

The basicHttpBinding standard binding is designed to expose a service as if it is an ASMX/ASP.NET web service. This will enable us to support existing clients as applications are upgrade to...View answers

Questions : 20 :: Please explain briefly different Instance Modes in WCF?

WCF will bind an incoming message request to a particular service instance, so the available modes are: Per Call: instance created for each call, most efficient in term of memory but need to...View answers

Questions : 21 :: Please explain different modes of security in WCF? Or Explain the difference between Transport and Message Level Security.

In Windows Communication Foundation, we can configure to use security at different levels a.    Transport Level security means providing security at the transport layer itself. When...View answers

Questions : 22 :: Why to use WCF? or What are the advantages of using WCF?

Service Orientation is one of the key advantages of WCF. We can easily build service-oriented applications using WCF. If compared with ASMX web services, WCF service provides reliability and...View answers

Questions : 23 :: What are the core components of WCF Service?

A WCF service has at least following core components. Service Class:  A service class implementing in any CLR-based language and expose at least one method. Hosting Environment: a managed...View answers

Questions : 24 :: What are the Endpoints in WCF? or Explain ABCs of endpoint?

For WCF services to be consumed, it’s necessary that it must be exposed; Clients need information about service to communicate with it. This is where service endpoints play their role. A...View answers

Questions : 25 :: What are the types of Data Contracts in WCF?

There are two types of Data Contracts Data Contract: Attribute used to define the class Data Member: Attribute used to define the properties
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