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Top Silverlight interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced

What is Silverlight ?

Answer :

Questions : 1 :: Explain Silverlight architecture.

Silver light is a plug-in used for different platforms and browsers. It is designed for offering media experiences based on .net platform. Silver light offers a programming environment that is highly...View answers

Questions : 2 :: Difference between WPF and Silverlight

In terms of features and functionality, Silver light is a sub set of Windows Presentation Foundation. Silver light is for developing rich internet applications. While WPF is used for developing...View answers

Questions : 3 :: What are the limitations of using external fonts in Silverlight?

One of the major challenges is to use a downloader and some of the SetFontSource methods on a TextBlock to perform it. Using SilverLight 2, TextBlock can be used as follows: <TextBlock...View answers

Questions : 4 :: Describe how to perform Event handling in silver light

Event handling is performed in two event cases – Input events and Non-input events. Input Events: The hosting browser for Silver Light plug-in handles the input events input stimulus, as...View answers

Questions : 5 :: Explain how to add the reference of a Class library project in Silverlight application project

The following is the process for adding the reference library project: After defining business object classes in another project – Right click on the SilverLight project root Choose...View answers

Questions : 6 :: What is Silverlight.js file? Explain with an example

Silverlight.js file is a Java Script helper file. It supports for adding a Silverlight application to a web page through Java Script. It has a number of methods defined to help with, most importantly...View answers

Questions : 7 :: What is a .xap file? Explain with an example.

A .xap file is an application package based on Silverlight which will be generated when the Silverlight project is built. This file helpful in creating heavily client based Silverlight applications....View answers

Questions : 8 :: Explain how can Silverlight use ASX files.

An ASX file is an XML file in which media files are specified in the playlist. Using ASX files in silver is pretty simple. Assign the ‘ source’ property of a MediaElement object to the...View answers

Questions : 9 :: Explain Silverlight application life-cycle

The entry point of Silverlight applications is Silverlight Application class. It provides various services which is commonly needed by Silverlight application. Silverlight lifecycle commences with...View answers

Questions : 10 :: What is the role of Silverlight Plugin in the Silverlight Application Life-Cycle?

The Silverlight plug-in loads the core services of Silverlight followed by Silverlight Common Language Runtime. CLR creates domains for applications. The plug-in enables Silverlight for delivering...View answers

Questions : 11 :: Explain the purpose of Storyboard.TargetProperty

Using Storyboard.TargetProperty, the properties of an object can be assigned with values. The objects are referred by Storyboard.TargetName attribute. The following snippet illustrates the change of...View answers

Questions : 12 :: Why is XAP important?

Using XAP, Silverlight applications which are heavily client based can be created by managing code. The managed code, benefits of using the tools such as Visual Studio 2008 with Silverlight Tools...View answers

Questions : 13 :: How does XAP work?

The .xap file is used for transferring and containing the assemblies and resources of an application with managed code. This code must be written within the Silverlight browser plugin. Once the .xap...View answers

Questions : 14 :: Explain the use of ClientBin folder in Silverlight

The ClientBin folder is used for placing .xap file of a Silverlight application. This folder can be kept anywhere in the web application. 

Questions : 15 :: What is Clipping in Silverlight?

Clipping is a modification to a given image / object based on the geometry type – like a line, rectangle, ellipse or even a group geometry objects. The clip property is defined in the UIElement...View answers

Questions : 16 :: What is the parent xaml tag of Silverlight page? Explain its purposes

The’UserConrol’ is the parent xaml tag of a Silverlight page. All other tags are authored under UserControl tag. Developers are given a facility to implement new custom controls and...View answers

Questions : 17 :: How to change the default page of the Silverlight application?

The RootVisual property of Application_Startup event in App.xaml file needs to be set to change the default Silverlight application page. The following code snippet sets the property. private void...View answers

Questions : 18 :: How many xaml files are created When you create a new project in Silverlight through Visual Studio and what are the uses of those files?

here are two xaml files are created when a new project in Silverlight is created through Visual Studio. 1. App.xaml – This file is used for declaring shared resources like style objects,...View answers

Questions : 19 :: What are the programming language that can be used to write the backend of the Silverlight application?

Visual Basic or Visual C# can be used for authoring code for the backend of the Silverlight application. The backend refers the code behind the files of Silverlight pages. 

Questions : 20 :: Explain how to set Silverlight contents width as 100%

Usually the UserConrol will be spread full screen. The contents width and height can also be set by using width and height attributes. To get 100% width of the screen set width=”auto” and...View answers

Questions : 21 :: Can you provide a list of Layout Management Panels and when you will use them?

The following are the list of Layout Management Panels: 1. Canvas Panel: Simple layouts use canvas panel and when there is no requirement of resizing the panel. The controls will overlap each other...View answers

Questions : 22 :: Explain how to apply style elements in a Silverlight project

Application resources utilize the style elements for supporting the forms. The App.xaml file could be used to contain an application resource XML construct. Each style’s target type is set to...View answers

Questions : 23 :: What are the main features and benefits of Silverlight?

The following are the features of SilverLight: 1. Built in CLR engine is available for delivering a super high performance execution environment for the browser. 2. Includes rich framework of...View answers

Questions : 24 :: When would one use Silverlight instead of ASP.NET AJAX?

Silverlight media experiences and Rich Internet Applications can be enhanced by the existing ASP.NET AJAX applications. Web applications and ASP.NET AJAX technologies are integrated in Silverlight....View answers

Questions : 25 :: When would a customer use Silverlight instead of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?

Silverlight is used by customers for broader reach of interactive media content and browser-based rich interactive, high performance applications. The features of WPF such as platform, UI, Media,...View answers

Questions : 26 :: Does Silverlight have a System.Console class? Why?

Yes. Silverlight have System.Console class. It is cocooned in the SecurityCritical attribute. It is so for using for internal uses and making it useless for remote usage. Is it possible to load...View answers

Questions : 27 :: Explain the Path instructions in XAML

The <Path> instruction of XAML allows to draw and fill a path. Various points in the path represents are represented by the Data attribute. The attribute includes M which means to move to...View answers

Questions : 28 :: Explain the resemblance between CSS and Silverlight, regarding overlapping objects

Silverlight content is hosted on the tag. CSS of DIV can be changed as it is for other HTML documents. The changes can be for absolute positioning, z-indexing, top and left properties etc. The...View answers

Questions : 29 :: What kind of Brush does Silverlight support?

Silverlight brush objects supports for painting with solid colors, linear gradients, radical gradients and images. SolidColorBrush is used to paint a closed object such as...View answers

Questions : 30 :: Explain the mouse events that Silverlight currently supports.

The mouse events that supports silverlight are LostMouseCapture - occurs when an UI element lost mouse capture MouseMove - occurs when the mouse position changes MouseEnter - occurs when the mouse...View answers

Questions : 31 :: Difference between MouseLeftButtonDown and MouseLeftButtonUp in Silverlight

The difference is the action of the button. Once mouse button is pressed MouseLeftButtonDown event is invoked and MouseLeftButtonUp event is invoked after pressing left mouse button down and release...View answers

Questions : 32 :: What is the function used for removing an event listener?

The method removeEventListener() is used for deleting an event listener. The parameters for this method are eventName and listener.

Questions : 33 :: How would you implement Drag-and-drop in Silverlight?

Drag and drop in Silverlight can be implemented by using Drag Drop Manager by using DragSource and DropTarget controls. DragSource makes any control to be draggable and DropTarget defines a location...View answers

Questions : 34 :: What are the properties of the eventArgs argument when capturing keyboard events?

The properties of eventArgs are types of keys like shift, ctrl and mouse actions, mouse pointer coordinates, x coordinate value, y coordinate value  

Questions : 35 :: What is the function used to get a reference to an object inside the Silverlight control?

The method findName() is used to refer an object inside the Silverlight control. The container reference is made in the Container.xaml and the corresponding Java Script file is called as...View answers

Questions : 36 :: What objects support tranformations? What are the transformations that Silverlight supports for the elements?

The objects Ellipse and Rectangle are supported for transformations. The transformations that Silverlight supports for elements are rotations, scales, skews, and translations. 

Questions : 37 :: Explain the steps needed to be performed in order to create an animation in XAML

Animation is performed by using Storyboard.TargetName property. For example, to animate an object, the following are the steps: - Write <BeginStoryboard> tag. - Embed <Storyboard> tag -...View answers

Questions : 38 :: What are the animation types supported by Silverlight?

Silverlight supports 2 types of animations: From/To/By animation: Used for animating between a starting and ending value: - From is used to set the starting value - To is used to set the ending...View answers

Questions : 39 :: How to implement the style in Silverlight?

Silverlight is a web-based application framework to write rich internet application. The style is a collection of property values that applies to an element. The style allows the application to look...View answers

Questions : 40 :: What are the different development tools used in Silverlight?

The tool that is used with the Silverlight application is the Microsoft Visual Studio. The applications are written in .NET language. So, all the associated tools with the .NET language will also...View answers

Questions : 41 :: What are the different important files that are used in Silverlight?

There are several files that are required to be used in silverlight to make it function properly and to include the properties of applications together: AppManifest.XAML : it consist the list of all...View answers

Questions : 42 :: Write the code to populate the controls in Silverlight

To populate the control in silverlight the requirement is to create the template and their styles. The code mentioned below does it: The file that is involved in setting up the control is...View answers

Questions : 43 :: What are the steps required to set the controls in silverlight?

The steps that are involved in setting up the control in silverlight are as follows: First the file Page.xaml.cs will be modified to set the property of a particular page and the style of the page....View answers

Questions : 44 :: What is the purpose of control templates in Silverlight?

Control templates allow the control of the data templates to allow easy specification in conversion of the data objects into the user interface element objects. This helps the same content to be...View answers

Questions : 45 :: What are the different resource properties specifying a style?

The control properties that are used to define the resources of the styles include the template properties that are internal. The style element is used to control the template properties that can be...View answers

Questions : 46 :: What are the modes that are provided in Silverlight?

Silverlight provides the mode graphics that includes multimedia graphics, animations and interactivity programs at runtime. It is well handled with XAML file and the JavaScript is used to give it...View answers

Questions : 47 :: Explain the element tree in Silverlight architecture.

Silverlight architecture functions on the properties given below: Element Tree: is the heart of silverlight application that keeps the object in the tree form like path, image or media element...View answers

Questions : 48 :: How to use XAML namescope in Silverlight?

Namescope allows the templates in Silverlight to allow the reusability of the content and it can also include the elements with the names defined at the template level. The template can be reused for...View answers

Questions : 49 :: How to use XAML namescope at run time?

XAML namescope allow the user to create different template files and reference the objects that are declared in XAML. This allows the separate files to be maintained and make it individually separate...View answers

Questions : 50 :: What is the function of an object tree used in Silverlight?

Object tree is used to create and manage the objects in a hierarchical way. This allows easy to make the relation at run time that are related to each other. The relationships are based on the...View answers

Questions : 51 :: What is the procedure to add an event handler in managed code?

CLR language specific syntax is used to add event handler as XAML is not the only way to add it. XAML allows the event handler to be added to an object. CLR allows the objects to be included even if...View answers

Questions : 52 :: How the even routing method works in Silverlight?

Event routing is an important concept that is based on the visual tree. Routing of the events support RoutingStragegy of Bubble, Tunnel and Direct methods that are used to make it possible. Bubble:...View answers

Questions : 53 :: What are the different event modes in Silverlight?

There are two different modes in Silverlight: Input events: are the browser dependent that hosts the silverlight plug-in. It handles the initial input that is used for the input events. Silverlight...View answers

Questions : 54 :: What is the difference between logical and Visual tree?

Visual tree is the representation of the object tree that is being filtered and modified. Visual tree also reports the objects that are part of the control in a composite form. Visual tree is used...View answers

Questions : 55 :: What are the different classes used in Visual tree?

The different classes that are used in Visual tree are as follows: ScrollViewer: allows to include an area that is scrollable and contains the visible elements of it like scroll bar....View answers

Questions : 56 :: How does the rendering engine work in Silverlight?

Silverlight allows many functionalities and provide a rendering engine that optimizes the content of the element tree. It also gives the desired rate of conversation to indicate the optimization...View answers

Questions : 57 :: What does rendering engine in the Silverlight includes?

Rendering engine is a powerful engine to render the visual appearance and the content of the page. It also helps in controlling the content of the page. It includes the following: Text rendering...View answers

Questions : 58 :: What is the difference between Glyph cache and Image cache?

Image cache caches the content associated with the image that is downloaded from a specified URL. If the references will be made to the image multiple times then the image will be loaded from the...View answers

Questions : 59 :: What is Xaml in Silverlight?

Xaml[Extensible Application Markup Language], it is pronounced as Zammel. Xaml is a Xml based language, it contains elements that can be nested in any arrangement.

Questions : 60 :: How style works with Silverlight?

Style is collection of property value that apply to an element. First define the style in App.xaml. <Application.Resource>         <Style...View answers

Questions : 61 :: What are the programming languages in which you can implement behavior of Silverlight application?

C# or Visual Basic programming language can be used.  

Questions : 62 :: Explain about Silverlight plug-in?

Silverlight plug-in is easy to download and takes few second to install on client's system. It is necessary to access Silverlight object that is embedded in web page. User has to download this...View answers

Questions : 63 :: What is ClientBin folder in Silverlight application?

ClientBin folder is folder in Silverlight application which store .xap file.

Questions : 64 :: What is .xap file?

A .xap file is a created when Silverlight project is built. It includes AppManifest.xaml, assembly of Silverlight project and resource files referred by Silverlight application....View answers

Questions : 65 :: What files are contained by .xap file?

A .xap file contains application manifest [AppManifest.xaml] and all the DLLs required by the application.

Questions : 66 :: What is Silverlight SDK?

Silverlight SDK contains samples, documentations, libraries and tools for developing Silverlight application. Silverlight SDK is not necessary for creating Silverlight application but its makes...View answers

Questions : 67 :: What is official name of Silverlight?

It is WPF/E.

Questions : 68 :: Silverlight is developed in which languages?

Silverlight is developed in C# and C++. 

Questions : 69 :: Expression Studio orVisual Studio, which one better to use for developing Silverlight application?

Expression Studio and Visual Studio both are used for creating Silverlight application.If Silverlight application has graphics and visual elements then its good to work with Expression Studio. If...View answers

Questions : 70 :: For Windows,what are system requirement for Silverlight?

Operating System - Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2. Processor - Intel Platinum III RAM -...View answers

Questions : 71 :: Is it possible to consume WCF and Web Services in Silverlight application?

Yes, it is possible.

Questions : 72 :: What are those platforms which supports Silverlight?

1. Windows XP Service Pack 2 2. Windows 2000 3. Windows Vista 4. Windows Server 2003 5. Mac OS 6. Linux...View answers

Questions : 73 :: What are those browsers which supports Silverlight?

Internet Explorer 6,7,8 Mozilla Firefox 2,3 Safari 3,4 Google Chrome...View answers

Questions : 74 :: What are deep zoom and deep zoom composer?

Deep zoom composer is tool in Silverlight which make image with deep zoom feature. Actually Deep zoom is feature in Silverlight which zoom in and out of images rapidly without affecting the...View answers

Questions : 75 :: What are differences between Silverlight and WPF?

1. Silverlight is used for developing RIA for web application whereas WPF is using for windows applications. 2. Silverlight supports cross-browser, cross-platform whereas WPF supports windos...View answers

Questions : 76 :: What are differences between Silverlight and Asp.Net?

1. Silverlight runs on client's system whereas Asp.Net runs on the server. 2. When an event fires, Silverlight handles the event on the client whereas in Asp.Net, the browser will make an Http...View answers

Questions : 77 :: How Silverlight 4 is different from Silverlight 3?

  There are a lot of new features in Silverlight 4 that are not present in Silverlight 3 :-    Print Support  WebCam / Microphone Support  Mouse right click event...View answers
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