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Seo interview questions and answers on advance and basic Seo with example so this page for both freshers and experienced condidate. Fill the form below we will send the all interview questions on Seo also add your Questions if any you have to ask and for apply in Seo Tutorials and Training course just send a mail on in detail about your self.

Top Seo interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced

What is Seo ?

Answer :

Questions : 1 :: What is SEO ?

SEO means Search engine optimization and it is the process of showing a website in a  Search engine results when user search any related keyword of that website it s   un-paid (means...View answers

Questions : 2 :: Can you show me examples of your previous work?

Here you need to explain your all previous work that you have completed , like which website you worked open , which type of work you did , what action you did for that so it's coming in search...View answers

Questions : 3 :: Can you share some success stories?

You have to share some good keyword that coming in top ranking because of your smart  work and other success that you got in your career

Questions : 4 :: Do you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Yes, Always we work under Google Webmaster Guidelines
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