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What is Cpp ?

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Questions : 1 :: Explain abstraction.

- Simplified view of an object in user’s language is called abstraction. - It is the simplest, well-defined interface to an object in OO and C++ that provides all the expected features and...View answers

Questions : 2 :: What is the real purpose of class – to export data?

No, the real purpose of a class is not to export data. Rather, it is to provide services. Class provides a way to abstract behaviour rather than just encapsulating the bits. b.) What things would...View answers

Questions : 3 :: Explain the benefits of proper inheritance.

The biggest benefits of proper inheritance are : a.) substitutability and b.) extensibility. Substitutability – The objects of a properly derived class can be easily and safely substituted...View answers

Questions : 4 :: Does improper inheritance have a potential to wreck a project?

Many projects meet a dead end because of bad inheritance. So, it certainly has the potential to wreck a project. Small projects still have a scope to avoid the complete consequence of bad...View answers

Questions : 5 :: How should runtime errors be handled in C++?

- The runtime errors in C++ can be handled using exceptions. - This exception handling mechanism in C++ is developed to handle the errors in software made up of independently developed components...View answers

Questions : 6 :: When should a function throw an exception?

A function should throw an exception when it is not able to fulfil its promise. As soon as the function detects a problem that prevents it from fulfilling its promise, it should throw an exception....View answers
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