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What is Control M ?

Answer :

Questions : 1 :: What is Control-M ?

Control-M is workload automation (traditionally called batch scheduling) software obtained by BMC Software via its 1999 acquisition of New Dimension Software. It was originally written for mainframe...View answers

Questions : 2 :: Automating your production jobs with CONTROL-M/EM ?

With CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager, you can automate the scheduling and processing of your production jobs. Its main GUIs are CONTROL-M/Desktop and the CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager window (simply...View answers

Questions : 3 :: Is we can Adjust the display in Control M ?

You can adjust the CONTROL-M/Desktop and CONTROL-M/EM display.

Questions : 4 :: How can Return panes to their original positions ?

You can adjust and move panes in the window by clicking and dragging. To return panes to their original positions Choose View => Dockable Windows => Reset to Default Layout

Questions : 5 :: How to Change the data display format ?

You can choose from the following the data display formats:   ■flow diagram ■list ■Gantt chart (available only if CONTROL-M/Forecast is installed)   To change the...View answers

Questions : 6 :: Arranging the CONTROL-M/Desktop flow diagram display ?

In CONTROL-M/Desktop, after you have performed many changes to the flow diagram, (for example, adding or modifying job dependencies), you might want to have CONTROL-M/Desktop rearrange the...View answers

Questions : 7 :: How to Change password in Control M ?

When your password is soon due to expire, the login dialog box of the CONTROL-Mwindows (CONTROL-M/Desktop, CONTROL-M/EM, CONTROL-M ReportingFacility, and CONTROL-M Configuration Manager) will display...View answers
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