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What is Catia V5 ?

Answer :

Questions : 1 :: What is CATIA V5 ?

CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application) is a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systemes. Written in the C++...View answers

Questions : 2 :: What is SKETCH TOOLS in sketcher work bench & Explain the Importantance of it?

SKETCH TOOLS in sketcher workbench are the commands, which find very use in creating sketches. SKETCH TOOLS are namely geometric and dimensional constraints, construction elements/standard elements...View answers

Questions : 3 :: How many axis can be created in a single sketch?

Only one axis can be created in a sketch, if more than one axis are drawn then only one of them, the latest one, will be axis and others will be converted into reference...View answers

Questions : 4 :: what is sketch analysis?

Sketch analysis is used to check the profile is open or close, and to convert some profiles in to Reference elements and to delete. and also used to check the sketch is constrained or...View answers

Questions : 5 :: what is the difference between Mirror and Symmetry?

Symmetry is used to translate the features about a point or line or plane. Mirror is used to translate a single or multiple features on the other side of plane. we cannot take point or line an...View answers

Questions : 6 :: What is the difference between UFC and Power copy?

When we creating both its same but when you insert a UFC you will get only feature and its parameters you can edit the parameters. when you inserting power copy you will get both Feature and Sketch...View answers

Questions : 7 :: What is the difference between Component and Product?

Both are used to create a sub assemblies , when you create a sub assembly using component you can use within a assembly file you cant use it in another assembly. but when you create a sub-assembly...View answers
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