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Top Ado Net interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced

What is Ado Net ?

Answer : A set of computer software components that programmers can use to access data and data services

Questions : 1 :: What are the different ADO.NET namespaces are available in .NET.

The following namespaces are available in .NET. System.Data This namespace is the base of ADO.NET. It provides all the classes that are used by data providers. The most import class that it...View answers

Questions : 2 :: Define the data provider classes that is supported by ADO.NET.

The .NET framework data provider includes the following components for data manipulation: - Connection: Used for connectivity to the data source - Command: This executes the SQL statements needed to...View answers

Questions : 3 :: Describe Connection object in ADO.NET

ADO.NET provides the connection object to connect with datasource. Always remember that a connection object does not fetch or update data, it does not execute sql queries, and it does not contain the...View answers

Questions : 4 :: Describe the DataSet object in ADO.NET.

The DataSet is the most important object in ADO.NET. DataSet object works as a mini database. It provides the disconnected environment. It persists data in memory which is separate from the database....View answers

Questions : 5 :: 5 How will you fill the GridView by using DataTable object at runtime?

using System; using System.Data; public partial class Default : System.Web.UI.Page {            protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)...View answers

Questions : 6 :: Describe DataReader object of ADO.NET with example.

The DataReader object is a forward-only and read only object - It is simple and fast compare to dataset. - It provides connection oriented environment. - It needs explicit open and close the...View answers

Questions : 7 :: What is Serialization and De-Serialization in .Net? How can we serialize the DataSet object?

Serialization is the process of converting an object into stream of bytes that can be stored and transmitted over network. We can store this data into a file, database or Cache object....View answers

Questions : 8 :: Describe the command object and its method.

After successful connection with database you must execute some sql query for manipulation of data or selecting the data. This job is done by command object. If you are using SQL Server as database...View answers

Questions : 9 :: Explain the namespaces in which .NET has the data functionality class. contains basic objects. These objects are used for accessing and storing relational data. Each of these is independent of the type of data source and the way we connect to it. These...View answers

Questions : 10 :: ADO.NET architecture

Data Provider provides objects through which functionalities like opening and closing connection, retrieving and updating data can be availed. It also provides access to data source like SQL Server,...View answers

Questions : 11 :: Difference between dataset and datareader.

Dataset DataSet object can contain multiple rowsets from the same data source as well as from the relationships between them Dataset is a disconnected architecture Dataset can persist...View answers

Questions : 12 :: Command objects uses, purposes and their methods.

The command objects are used to connect to the Datareader or dataset objects with the help of the following methods: ExecuteNonQuery: This method executes the command defined in the CommandText...View answers

Questions : 13 :: Explain the use of data adapter

The data adapter objects connect a command objects to a Dataset object. They provide the means for the exchange of data between the data store and the tables in the DataSet. An OleDbDataAdapter...View answers

Questions : 14 :: What are basic methods of Dataadapter?

The most commonly used methods of the DataAdapter are: Fill: This method executes the SelectCommand to fill the DataSet object with data from the data source. Depending on whether there is a...View answers

Questions : 15 :: What is Dataset object? Explain the various objects in Dataset.

The DataSet object is a disconnected storage.It is used for manipulation of relational data. The DataSet is filled with data from the storeWe fill it with data fetched from the data store. Once the...View answers

Questions : 16 :: What are the steps involved to fill a dataset?

The DataSet object is a disconnected storage.It is used for manipulation of relational data. The DataSet is filled with data from the storeWe fill it with data fetched from the data store. Once the...View answers

Questions : 17 :: How can we check that some changes have been made to dataset since it was loaded?

The changes made to the dataset can be tracked using the GetChanges and HasChanges methods. The GetChanges returns dataset which are changed since it was loaded or since Acceptchanges was...View answers

Questions : 18 :: How can we add/remove row's in "DataTable" object of "DataSet"?

NewRow’ method is provided by the ‘Datatable’ to add new row to it. ‘DataTable’ has “DataRowCollection” object which has all rows in a...View answers

Questions : 19 :: Explain the basic use of "DataView" and explain its methods.

A DataView is a representation of a full table or a small section of rows.It is used to sort and find data within Datatable. Following are the methods of a DataView: Find : Parameter: An array of...View answers

Questions : 20 :: Differences between "DataSet" and "DataReader".

Dataset DataSet object can contain multiple rowsets from the same data source as well as from the relationships between them Dataset is a disconnected architecture Dataset can persist data. A...View answers

Questions : 21 :: What is the use of CommandBuilder?

CommandBuilder builds “Parameter” objects automatically.  Example: Dim pobjCommandBuilder As New...View answers

Questions : 22 :: What's difference between "Optimistic" and "Pessimistic" locking?

In pessimistic locking, when a user opens a data to update it, a lock is granted. Other users can only view the data until the whole transaction of the data update is completed. In optimistic...View answers

Questions : 23 :: How can we perform transactions in .NET?

Following are the general steps that are followed during a transaction: Open connection Begin Transaction: the begin transaction method provides with a connection object this can be used to...View answers

Questions : 24 :: What is connection pooling and what is the maximum Pool Size in ADO.NET Connection String?

A connection pool is created when a connection is opened the first time. The next time a connection is opened, the connection string is matched and if found exactly equal, the connection pooling...View answers

Questions : 25 :: Can you explain how to enable and disable connection pooling?

Set Pooling=true. However, it is enabled by default in .NET. To disable connection pooling set Pooling=false in connection string if it is an ADO.NET Connection.  If it is an OLEDBConnection...View answers

Questions : 26 :: What is LINQ?

Language Integrated Query or LINQ provides programmers and testers to query data and ituses strongly type’s queries and results.

Questions : 27 :: What are the classes in System.Data.Common Namespace?

There are two classes involved in System.Data.Common Nameapce:.DataColumnMapping.DataTableMapping.

Questions : 28 :: What is the default Timeout for SqlCommand.CommandTimeout property?

The default timeout of Sqlcommand. CommandTimeout property is 30 Seconds

Questions : 29 :: What are the uses of Stored Procedure?

Following are uses of Stored Procedure:Improved Performance.Easy to use and maintain.Security.Less time and effort taken to execute.Less Network traffic.

Questions : 30 :: What are all the classes that are available in System.Data Namespace?

Following are the classes that are available in System.Data Namespace:Dataset.DataTable.DataColumn.DataRow.DataRelation.Constraint.

Questions : 31 :: Which is the best method to get two values from the database?

ExecuteNonQuery is the best method to get two values from the database

Questions : 32 :: Which object is used to add relationship between two Datatables?

DataRelation object is used to add relationship between two or more datatable objects

Questions : 33 :: Which method is used to sort the data in ADO.Net?

Sort() method of GridViewControl is used to sort the data in a datatable.

Questions : 34 :: How to stop running thread?

Thread.Abort() function stops the thread execution at any time.

Questions : 35 :: What are typed and untyped dataset?

Typed datasets use explicit names and data types for their members but untyped dataset usestable and columns for their members.

Questions : 36 :: What are different layers of ADO.Net?

There are three different layers of ADO.Net:Presentation LayerBusiness Logic LayerDatabase Access Layer

Questions : 37 :: Which object needs to be closed?

OLEDBReader and OLDDBConnection object need to be closed. This will stay in memory if it isnot properly closed.

Questions : 38 :: Which method in OLEDBAdapter is used to populate dataset with records?

Fill Method is used to populate dataset with records

Questions : 39 :: Tom is having XML document and that needs to be read on a daily basis. Which method of XML object is used to read this XML file?

ReadXML() method is used to read XML file.

Questions : 40 :: Which keyword is used to accept variable number of parameters?

Params keyword is used to accept variable number of parameters

Questions : 41 :: Which method is used by command class to execute SQL statements that return single value?

Execute Scalar method is used by command class to execute SQL statement which can returnsingle values.

Questions : 42 :: What are the Data providers in ADO.Net?

Following are the Data Providers used in ADO.Net:.MS SQL Server.OLEDB.ODBC.

Questions : 43 :: What is the use of Dataview?

Dataview is used to represent a whole table or a part of table. It is best view for sorting andsearching data in the data table.

Questions : 44 :: What are all the different authentication techniques used to connect to MS SQL Server?

SQL Server should authenticate before performing any activity in the database. There are twotypes of authentication:Windows Authentication – Use authentication using Windows domain accounts...View answers

Questions : 45 :: What are the methods of XML dataset object?

There are various methods of XML dataset object:GetXml() – Get XML data in a Dataset as a single string.GetXmlSchema() – Get XSD Schema in a Dataset as a single string.ReadXml() –...View answers

Questions : 46 :: Do we use stored procedure in ADO.Net?

Yes, stored procedures are used in ADO.Net and it can be used for common repetitivefunctions.

Questions : 47 :: Is it possible to load multiple tables in a Dataset?

Yes, it is possible to load multiple tables in a single dataset.29. Which provider is used toconnect MS Access, Oracle, etc…?OLEDB Provider and ODBC Provider are used to connect to MS Access...View answers

Questions : 48 :: What is the difference between Command and CommandBuilder object?

Command is used to execute all kind of queries like DML and DDL. DML is nothing but Insert,Update and Delete. DDL are like Create and drop tables.Command Builder object is used to build and execute...View answers

Questions : 49 :: What is the difference between Dataset.clone and Dataset.copy?

Dataset.clone object copies structure of the dataset including schemas, relations andconstraints. This will not copy data in the table.Dataset.copy – Copies both structure and data from the...View answers

Questions : 50 :: What are all the different methods under sqlcommand?

There are different methods under SqlCommand and they are:Cancel – Cancel the queryCreateParameter – returns SQL ParameterExecuteNonQuery – Executes and does not return result...View answers

Questions : 51 :: What are all the commands used with Data Adapter?

DataAdapter is used to retrieve data from a data source .Insertcommand, UpdateCommand andDeleteCommand are the commands object used in DataAdapter to manage update on thedatabase.

Questions : 52 :: What are the different execute methods of Ado.Net?

Following are different execute methods of ADO.Net command object:ExecuteScalar – Returns single value from the datasetExecutenonQuery – Returns resultset from dataset and it has multiple...View answers

Questions : 53 :: What are the differences between OLEDB and SQLClient Providers?

OLEDB provider is used to access any database and provides flexibility of changing thedatabase at any time. SQLClient provider is used to access only SQL Server database but itprovides excellent...View answers

Questions : 54 :: What are all components of ADO.Net data provider?

Following are the components of ADO.Net Data provider:Connection object – Represents connection to the DatabaseCommand object – Used to execute stored procedure and command on...View answers

Questions : 55 :: Is it possible to edit data in Repeater control?

No, it is not possible to edit data in the Repeater control.

Questions : 56 :: What is the difference between Datareader and Dataset?

Following table gives difference between Datareader and Dataset: Datareader:- Forward only Connected Recordset Single table involved No relationship required No XML storage Occupies Less...View answers

Questions : 57 :: Introduce ADO.NET?

ADO.NET refers to the various classes in the .NET Framework that provide data access.   ADO.NET is typically used to access relational databases can also be used to access other external...View answers

Questions : 58 :: How we can provide data to ADO.NET?

 We know that ADO.NET allows us to interact with different types of data sources and different types of databases. However, there isn't a single set of classes that allow you to accomplish this...View answers

Questions : 59 :: What are ADO.NET Objects?

ADO.NET Objects ADO.NET includes many objects you can use to work with data. This section introduces some of the primary objects you will use. Over the course of this tutorial, you'll be exposed to...View answers

Questions : 60 :: Explain SqlConnection Object?

The first thing you will need to do when interacting with a data base is to create a connection. The connection tells the rest of the ADO.NET code which database it is talking to. It manages all of...View answers

Questions : 61 :: How to Read Data with the SqlDataReader ?

Creating a SqlDataReader Object Getting an instance of a SqlDataReader is a little different than the way you instantiate other ADO.NET objects. You must call ExecuteReader on a command object, like...View answers

Questions : 62 :: How to Work with Disconnected Data - The DataSet and SqlDataAdapter?

A DataSet is an in-memory data store that can hold numerous tables. DataSets only hold data and do not interact with a data source. It is the SqlDataAdapter that manages connections with the data...View answers

Questions : 63 :: How to Store Data in Memory?

Adding new data rows to a table is a three-step process: 1.    Create a new row object. 2.    Store the actual data values in the row object. 3.    Add...View answers

Questions : 64 :: What is Batch Processing ?

The features shown previously for adding, modifying, and removing data records within a DataTable all take immediate action on the content of the table. When you use the Add method to add a new row,...View answers

Questions : 65 :: What is Row State?

While making your row-level edits, ADO.NET keeps track of the original and proposed versions of all fields. It also monitors which rows have been added to or deleted from the table, and can revert to...View answers

Questions : 66 :: What is Data-Set?

The DataSet includes some properties and methods that replicate the functionality of the contained tables. These features share identical names with their table counterparts. When used, these...View answers

Questions : 67 :: Define Table Relations?

In relational database modeling, the term cardinality describes the type of relationship that two tables have. There are three main types of database model cardinality:■■ One-to-One A...View answers

Questions : 68 :: How to Create Data Relations?

The DataRelation class, found within the System.Data namespace, makes table joins within a DataSet possible. Each relationship includes a parent and a child. The DataRelation class even uses the...View answers

Questions : 69 :: What is Aggregating Data ?

An aggregation function returns a single calculated value from a set of related values. Averages are one type of data aggregation; they calculate a single averaged value from an input of multiple...View answers

Questions : 70 :: How to Generate a Single Aggregate?

To calculate the aggregate of a single table column, use the DataTable object’s Compute method. Pass it an expression string that contains an aggregate function with a columnname...View answers

Questions : 71 :: How to Add an Aggregate Column?

Expression columns typically compute a value based on other columns in the same row. You can also add an expression column to a table that generates an aggregate value. In the absence of a filtering...View answers

Questions : 72 :: How to Aggregating Data Across Related Tables?

Adding aggregate functions to an expression column certainly gives you more data options, but as a calculation method it doesn’t provide any benefit beyond the DataTable.Compute method. The...View answers
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