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Mehmood was a famous Indian actor, director and producer. He started his career as a child actor in Kismet with much reluctance. Before starting his career as an actor he sold poultry and also worked as a driver for P L Santoshi. Soon he was hired to teach table tennis to famous actress Meena Kumari. After this he went on to marry her sister Madhu. He took to acting seriously only after becoming a father to make a better living. Starting with small roles in Do Bigha Zameen and Pyaasa. Later on he went on to do lead roles for movies. He was always much appreciated for his comedy roles. His famous films include Padosan, Aankhen, Kunwara Baap, Hamjoli etc. He received a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor as well as for Best Comedian. He passed away on 23 July, 2004. Fans paid tribute to him at the Mehmood studios in Mumbai. One of his sons, Lucky Ali is a famous singer and actor.

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